Maybe if we all shout loud enough Numark will incorporate our requests in the latest version of the Numark DDS & Numark DDS80 firmware release.
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Post by Benny » 22 Jan 2010, 11:53

Benny from Sweden Have a couple of requests.

1. When to load new songs in the librarian should Numark develop
an option that only loads the new adds. Takes too much time to load new songs with all the features bpm Seek etc.

2.Why can't i make a defragmenation on a FAT disc? (using win7)

3.Shortcuts from librarian to crate folder works well, also to switch to Wiev etc. BUT if you do a search in "search" it should be a shortcut so you return to the folder you were in before.

4.When to run automatically from the crate, it would be nice if the songs were mixed into each other (short fade) for a bit tighter when running automatically in Pub before i start my DJ job.

Hope this is useful wishes and Numark launched its.
Is very pleased dds80 users

Benny :D

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Re: Improvements

Post by thomasabarnes » 10 Sep 2010, 16:22

I agree with request 1 of the user above, that it would be great if when we add new tracks that the librarian could detect the new tracks and add them to the library. It's really annoying that the library has to be built all over, even if a user only adds one album of tracks.

I agree with request 4 of the user above, that a track loaded into deck B should start 2 or 3 seconds (or a few seconds) before the track playing back in Deck A ends playback. This would give the effect of continuous playback without having playback of silence or very low volume from Deck A before Deck B starts playback.

Also a nice feature would be this below:

When a user leaves the Library to go to the crate, it would be nice if the screen remembers where it was at in the library when a user returns to the library. Instead, a user is taken back to the top of the list in the library, and that's sort of a pain in the butt.


Oh yeah, don't know how I forgot to post this request earlier. How about enabling the DDS80 to play more of the popular audio formats such as .flac, .ogg, and .wma?? With the DDS80's support for large size storage devices, It would be a big help, if the DDS80, especially, could have support for playing back the lossless audio formats! Support for the .wma format should be a no brainer, in my opinion, as so many of us use a Windows operating system.

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Re: Improvements

Post by sorcerykid » 07 May 2011, 04:04

WMA might be a licensing issue, just a guess that's all. If it is added, however, then it would be nice if they could also support the correllating WMV format, just playing back the audio portion.

As for lossless, I believe the DDS can play WAV files. Not that I've tried it nor would I actually recommend it depending on the USB device being used. But it's always an option :)


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